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As a Federally inspected (USDA) meat processing plant, we manufacture and distribute 300 to 350 different products at both retail and wholesale.

These products include:

bulletFresh Cut Beef and Pork
bulletSmoked Hams and Bacons
bulletCooked Beef and Pork Roasts
bulletSummer Sausage and Genoa Sausages
bulletPork Sausages of many varieties
bulletBratwurst, both cooked and fresh
bulletKielbasa, Salcissia, and Spanish Sausages
bulletBeef Patties of many sizes
bulletSmoked Pork Loins and Chops
bulletRaw and Cooked Corned Beef
bulletItalian Beef and Pork Roasts
bulletWieners and Franks
bulletBraunschweiger and Lunchmeats
bulletAnd Many More Items!

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